Broccoli: The Bro Client Communications Library

This is documentation for release 1.5.3 of Broccoli, compatible with Bro IDS releases of 1.5 or newer. Broccoli is free software under terms of the BSD license as given in the License section. This documentation is always available on the web for download and online browsing at

Feedback, patches and bug reports are all welcome, please join the Bro mailing list.

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Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. What is Broccoli?
1.2. Why do I care?
2. Installing Broccoli
3. Using Broccoli
3.1. Obtaining information about your build using broccoli-config
3.2. Suggestions for instrumenting applications
3.3. The Broccoli API
3.3.1. Initialization
3.3.2. Data types in Broccoli
3.3.3. Managing connections
3.3.4. Connection classes
3.3.5. Composing and sending events
3.3.6. Receiving events
3.3.7. Handling records
3.3.8. Handling tables
3.3.9. Handling sets
3.3.10. Associating data with connections
3.3.11. Configuration files
3.3.12. Using dynamic buffers
3.4. Configuring encrypted communication
3.5. Configuring event reception in Bro policies
3.6. Configuring debugging output
3.7. Test programs
4. Broccoli API Reference
broccoli -- 
A. Appendix
A.1. License
A.2. About this document