Instructions for registering your Security and Privacy 2002 paper

As noted in the "Electronic Paper Submission Procedure" page, before submitting your paper to the 20002 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, you must first register your paper. That is what you will do on this page (below).

Please enter the following information. After submitting the information you will be receive (via email, sent to the email address you specify below for the contact author)  a paper ID number.  You'll need that paper for naming the file containing your paper, and then submitting the paper itself (via ftp upload to our server).

Contact Author Information

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Paper Information

(Please include ALL author names and affiliations including contact author.  Please avoid use of acronyms, wherever possible.)
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Please select keywords matching your paper. If you don't find any matches, select "NONE" and fill in your keywords in the "Additional Keywords" box

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(Please limit the abstract to  approximately 150 words only! Note that you can likely cut-and-paste your abstract from your word processing application.  However,  please make sure you enter a carriage return at the end of each line to prevent your abstract appearing as one long line!)

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Electronic submission and handling of papers is being done with the ConfMan system