Papers about Research Questions for the Internet

This page maintains pointers to papers that describe some of the open research questions regarding the evolution of the Internet infrastructure. Related web pages include Papers on the Evolvability of the Internet Infrastructure and References on Layering and the Internet Architecture.

Topics so far: DNS, Evolution and Deployment, Measurement, Mobility, Modeling, Multicast, Network Management, Pricing, QoS, Routing, Security, Transport, Web Caching and CDNs, IP over Optical, Other, Organizational, Historical.


Evolution and Deployment:





Network Management:





Transport and Congestion Control Issues:

Web Caching, Content Distribution, and Middleboxes:

IP over Optical:




This web page is partly a response to a recent call for white papers that seems to imply that research targeted at the evolution of the Internet infrastructure is necessarily near-term and limited, and that what is needed are "non-evolutionary", "bold", "radically new visions" that "revolutionize future networks".

My own opinion would be that there is extraordinary power in the rough and discontinuous evolution of the current infrastructure. With an evolutionary approach, changes can happen not only top-down from above, as decreed by funding sources, but can also happen bottom-up, by enabling changes that are complementary to the current forces, and that help to harness and focus the energies of a vast, distributed, decentralized community and infrastructure.

Thanks to Harald Alvestrand, Jon Crowcroft, and Ratul Mahajan for additions to this list.
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Last modified: June 2003