Sally Floyd: Internet-drafts and other papers on the TODO list:

- TMRG: On the Importance of Medium-Sized Flows.
- TSVWG: Why RTT-Fairness would be Bad for Congestion Control. Draft (txt, ps).
- TSVWG: Why the ECN Nonce (RFC 3540) should go to Proposed Standard. Draft (txt, ps).
- TCPM: Increasing the Numdupacks Threshold as a Function of Cwnd.
- DCCP: A CCID 2 Variant with Slowly-Responding Congestion Control. Draft (txt, ps).
- OTHER: On the Limitations of Best-Effort Service.
- OTHER: On Congestion Control for Data-Limited Connections.

* If anyone wants to take any of these on, feel free. I am retired these days, and am unlikely to get to them.

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