2.2.1. Tools [Missing] spicy-driver [Missing]


Some old text to reuse later:

The *incremental* mode is primarily for testing the correct
functioning of the generated parsers: |spicy| analyzers are fully
incremental in the sense that you can feed them the input in arbitrary
pieces; a parser parses as much as it can and then yields back to the
host application until further input becomes available. By default,
``spicy-driver`` first reads any data available on standard input completely and
then passes it into the parser in a *single* chunk of bytes. In
incremental mode, however, passes consecutive chunks of the given size
to the parser.

Note that there should be no *difference* in output/results between
standard and incremental parsing of any chunk size. If there is,
that's a bug. Running with ``-i 1`` is a good stress test for
generated parsers. spicyc [Missing]