Simulations for "Internet Research Needs Better Models"

The simulatons for the paper Internet Research Needs Better Models can be run with the following commands:

## Figure 2, long-lived flows, one RTT:
./ns sims.tcl -title three >
csh sims.cmd; cp reda.eps sims3.eps; gv sims3.eps &
## Figure 3, long-lived flows with a range of RTTs.
./ns sims.tcl -rtts 1 -title one >
csh sims.cmd; cp reda.eps sims1.eps; gv sims1.eps &
## Figure 4, web traffic and long-lived flows, with a range of RTTs:
./ns sims.tcl -flows 18 -web 400 -rtts 1 -title two >
csh sims.cmd; cp reda.eps sims2.eps; gv sims2.eps &
# Plots of Figure 5, RTTs, and Figure 6, seqno distributions.
gv &
gv &

* These simulations use the following files: rtts.awk, seqnos.awk, sum.awk.
* The simulations produce the following output files: three.stats, one.stats, two.stats.
* The figures also use the following measurement data: SDC-1, SDC-2, UCB.
* The SDC-1 and SDC-2 files are from Hao Jiang and C. Dovrolis's paper on Passive Estimation of TCP Round-Trip Times, and the UCB file was generated from summary data from Ratul Mahajan.
Problems and notes about these scripts:
* The scripts assume that there is a copy of the NS binary in the current directory. These scripts use functionality that was added to NS on September 19, 2002. The modification to print the rtt and seqno distributions to a separate file was made on October 23, 2002.

Simulation scripts for the Figure 1 phase effects simulations.