Robin Sommer

International Computer Science Institute
1947 Center St., Suite 600
Berkeley, CA 94704
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About Me

I am a Senior Researcher in the Networking and Security Group at the International Computer Science Institute, an independent non-profit research institute affiliated with the University of California, Berkeley. As part of that, I am leading the team behind Bro, an open-source network security monitor. I am also the CTO, and a co-founder, of Corelight, a startup offering professional Bro solutions to enterprise customers. I am further an affiliate member of the Data Science and Technology Department at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and I work with the Lab’s cyber security team. Before coming out to Berkeley, I was a research assistant at TU M√ľnchen, Germany. Before that, I received a diploma in Computer Science from University of Paderborn, Germany.

Research Interests

Much of my work focuses on securing networks, with a particular emphasis on high-performance network monitoring in operational settings. More generally, I’m interested in understanding the capabilities and limitations of network technology, as well as the characteristics of real-world network traffic.


Please see the seperate list of publications.


Professional Activities

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