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Yoid is a set of protocols for host-based content distribution.  It allows a group of hosts that are receiving/sending  content to dynamically self-organize themselves into a distribution topology tunneled over unicast and, where available,  multicast IP.  So organized, the hosts can efficiently distribute content synchronously (as with the mbone) or asynchronously (as with netnews).

The first and enduring goal of this project is to create an open-source software base upon which a wide range of content distribution applications can be built.   The second goal is to use the knowledge gained from the software to create IETF standards for content distribution.   We envision these standards as being positioned as "lower-middleware"---above TCP/UDP but below other middleware such as messaging, mail, channels, etc.

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Yoid is a continuation of the Yallcast project started at the NTT Software Labs in Tokyo.

Paul Francis, ACIRI
April 2, 2000