Sally Floyd: Networking Notes


Other notes are on the CBQ, ECN, and RED web pages.


S. Floyd, Roadmaps for congestion control for best-effort traffic , May 2002. Rough notes, in progress.


S. Floyd, S. Ratnasamy, and S. Shenker.
Modifying TCP's Congestion Control for High Speeds (postscript, PDF).
Rough draft, May 2002. The HighSpeed TCP Web Page.


Floyd, S., Validation Experiences with the NS Simulator, April 1999 (postscript, PDF).
White paper submitted to the DARPA Workshop on Validation of Large Scale Network Simulation Models.


Floyd, S., and Fall, K., ECN Implementations in the NS Simulator (postscript, PDF), Technical note sent to the ecn-interest mailing list, December 1998.


Fall, K., Floyd, S., and Henderson, T., NS Simulator Tests for Reno FullTCP, July 1997.

Mahdavi, J., and Floyd, S., TCP-Friendly Unicast Rate-Based Flow Control, Technical note sent to the end2end-interest mailing list, January 8, 1997.


Floyd, S., Ns Simulator Tests for Class-Based Queueing. February 1996.


Floyd, S., Notes on Class-Based Queueing: Setting Parameters. September 1995.

Floyd, S., Simulator Tests (compressed postscript, pdf). July 1995, Revised May 1997. Abstract.


Floyd, S., TCP and Successive Fast Retransmits. Technical report, October 1994. Abstract.


Floyd, S., Notes on the Holt-Winters Procedure. Technical report, October 1993.
This note describes a variant of the Exponential-Weighted Moving Average procedure for estimating the average queue size that takes into account the average slope of the average queue size, as well as the queue size itself.

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Last modified: March 2002