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I am a computer scientist in the Networking and Security Group at the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI). I am also adjunct faculty in EECS at Case Western Reserve University. Prior to joining ICSI in 2003, I worked for BBN Technologies' Internetwork Research Department at NASA's Glenn Research Center for six years. And, prior to that I was part of Shawn Ostermann's Internetworking Research Group at Ohio University. My current research interests are in the areas of network architecture, network measurement, security, transport protocols and congestion control.

  • A paper on considering DNS performance in the context of actual network transactions was accepted to appear at IMC in October. Details are here.
  • A new version (-17) of the Internet-Draft on RTO requirements is now available which incorporates comments from the IESG review process. The document has been approved by the IESG and is awaiting publication by the RFC editor.
  • A paper on removing the DNS' root nameserver infrastructure was presented at HotNets. The paper and slides are available here.
  • Misha presented our position paper on re-thinking Internet organization in the era of FTTH at ICDCS in July. The paper is available here.
  • The dataset of DNS tranactions within a FTTH network has been updated with 2018 data. See details here.
  • A paper on DNS robustness was presented at IMC 2018. The paper and slides are available here.
  • Our paper on DNS challenge-response, as well as Rami's ANRW poster on the work are available here.
  • Abbas presented our work on mobile tracking at NDSS 2018. Details---including his slides---are here.
  • Srikanth wrote an APNIC blog post on our congestion signatures work that is available here.
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