Mark Allman

I am a computer scientist in the Networking and Security Group at the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI). I am also adjunct faculty in EECS at Case Western Reserve University. Prior to joining ICSI in 2003, I worked for BBN Technologies' Internetwork Research Department at NASA's Glenn Research Center for six years. And, prior to that I was part of Shawn Ostermann's Internetworking Research Group at Ohio University. My current research interests are in the areas of network architecture, network measurement, security, transport protocols and congestion control.

Recent Happenings:
  • Matt Sargent, Ethan Blanton, Mark Allman. Modern Application Layer Transmission Patterns from a Transport Perspective, Passive and Active Measurement Conference, March 2014. Details.
  • Kyle Schomp, Tom Callahan, Michael Rabinovich, Mark Allman. Assessing DNS Vulnerability to Record Injection, Passive and Active Measurement Conference, March 2014. Details.
  • Serving on the IMC and CREDS program committees. Submit!
  • Matt Sargent, Mark Allman. Performance Within A Fiber-To-The-Home Network, March 2014. Under submission. Details.
  • Tu Ouyang, Soumya Ray, Mark Allman, Michael Rabinovich. A Large-Scale Empirical Analysis of Email Spam Detection Through Network Characteristics in a Stand-Alone Enterprise, Computer Networks, 59, February 2014. Details available.
  • The CREDS 2013 workshop---which I participated in last spring---report by Erin Kennealy and Michael Bailey is now available.
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