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I am a computer scientist in the Networking and Security Group at the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI). I am also adjunct faculty in EECS at Case Western Reserve University. Prior to joining ICSI in 2003, I worked for BBN Technologies' Internetwork Research Department at NASA's Glenn Research Center for six years. And, prior to that I was part of Shawn Ostermann's Internetworking Research Group at Ohio University. My current research interests are in the areas of network architecture, network measurement, security, transport protocols and congestion control.

  • Our paper that considers baking measurement directly into protocols (with Brian and Rob) appears in the April issue of CCR and is available here.
  • The slides from my RTO requirements presentation at IETF-98 A new version (-05) of are available.
  • A new version (-05) of the Internet-Draft on high level requirements for RTO mechanisms has been posted.
  • DNS transaction dataset from the CCZ FTTH network has been updated with 2016 data (so now includes 2011--2016). You can snag the data from here.
  • Our paper characterizing the susceptibility of IGMP-speaking routers to be used in attacks is now out.
  • Narseo presented our initial work on understanding third-party tracking on mobile devices at the recent DAT workshop. The paper and Narseo's slides are here.
  • Philipp presented our paper on detecting and characterizing carrier-grade NATs at IMC 2016.
  • Philipp gave a talk at RIPE 73 on our CGN paper. You can find a video of his talk and his slides here.
  • The paper Craig Partridge and I put together on dealing with ethical considerations in networking papers appears in the October issue of CACM. Details here.
  • Videos of the PAM talks about our work on DNS have been made available. See the link here for Ben's talk on our work detecting manipulations of the DNS root and the link here for Misha's talk on characterizing modern DNS workloads.
  • Dr. Sargent and Dr. Schomp are done! Congrats guys! A picture of the awesomeness is here.
  • A new version of our Haystack paper is available.
  • Slides from my talk at the MAP RG meeting at IETF95 are available. (The talk was given remotely. Spencer Dawkins took a picture in the meeting room during the talk.)
  • Kyle Schomp finished his Ph.D. thesis on the Domain Name System (DNS). Congratulations Kyle!
  • Jake presented our paper quantifying policy differences between IPv4 and IPv6 at NDSS. The paper and talk slides are available here.
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