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This is an incomplete set of my talks, slides, posters, etc. I am not great about keeping this page up-to-date. If you are looking for slides that are not here, ping me.





  • Kyle Schomp, Tom Callahan, Michael Rabinovich, Mark Allman. DNS Record Injection Vulnerabilities in Customer-Premises Equipment. North American Network Operators' Group Meeting, June 2014.
  • Mark Allman. An Empirical View of DNS Complexity and Security. Northeast Ohio Information Security Forum, February 2014.
    Also given at Case Western Reserve University (January 2014), Oberlin College (February 2014) and Baldwin-Wallace University (April 2014).



  • Mark Allman. My Quest For Truth On The Internet. Case Western Reserve University Hacker's Society, March 2012.



  • Mark Allman. Towards a User-Centric Internet Architecture, Youngstown State University CSIS Seminar, September 2010.
    Also given at:
    • Case Western Reserve University Computing Seminar, October 2010
    • Swinburne University Center for Advanced Internet Architectures Seminar, November 2010







  • Mark Allman. Improving Performance of Internet Protocols Over Wireless Networks. Kent State University CS Seminar. November 2003. Slides available in pdf. (Previously given at Case Western Reserve University's EECS seminar series.)
  • Mark Allman. CVS For Fun and Profit. NASA GRC. January 2003. Slides available in PS and PDF.


  • Wesley Eddy, Mark Allman. A Comparison of RED's Byte and Packet Modes, ACM SIGCOMM Student Poster Session, August 2002. An abstract of the poster is available, as well as the poster itself.
  • Ethan Blanton, Mark Allman. On Packet Reordering and TCP Performance. NASA GRC 5610 Research Retreat. May 2002. Slides available.


  • Mark Allman. TCP Congestion Control with Appropriate Byte Counting. 48th IETF Meeting - Transport Area WG. August, 2000. Pittsburgh, PA. Slides available.
  • Mark Allman. Preliminary Empirical Study of BTC Tools. 48th IETF Meeting - IP Performance Metrics WG. August, 2000. Pittsburgh, PA. Slides available.
  • Mark Allman. Near-Earth Wireless (Satellite) Issues. IAB Workshop on Wireless Internetworking. March, 2000. Mountain View, CA. Slides available as postscript or PDF.


  • Mark Allman. Estimating Network Bandwidth with TCP. Space Communications Brown Bag Seminar. December, 1999. Slides available.
  • Mark Allman. Computing TCP's Retransmission Timer. 46th IETF Meeting - Transport Area WG. November, 1999. Washington DC. Slides available.
  • Mark Allman. HTTP Experiments in Satellite-Based Networks. Telecommunications Industry Association Meeting. March 1999. Washington DC. Slides available.


  • Mark Allman. Estimating Bottleneck Bandwidth Using TCP. Satellite Networks: Architectures, Applications and Technologies Workshop. June 1998. Cleveland, OH. Slides available.


  • Mark Allman. An Evaluation of TCP with Larger Initial Windows. 40th IETF Meeting - TCP Implementations WG. December, 1997. Washington DC. Slides available.
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