Mark Allman / ICSI @mallman_icsi

Tool Version Date Link Description
gpthis 2.5.1 Nov 2010 script A perl script that provides a way to generate quick GNU plot figures.
scsh 0.2 Sep 2009 web
Use ssh and screen to make a set of ssh connections persistent across laptop suspend/resume, network disconnectivity, relocation, etc.
stats 2.8.2 May 2019 README
A few utilities that crunch data for basic statistics (mean, median, etc.) and conducts simple data manipulations (CDFs, transforms, etc.).
tcpsplit 0.2 Feb 2013 web
This utility splits a libpcap packet trace into multiple sub-traces along TCP connection boundaries.
tcptb 0.4.1 Nov 2007 web
This is a library to divide a libpcap packet trace into connections and provide a bunch of handy routines to process and access various parts of the packets.
tcptrunc 0.1 Dec 2016 web
This utility removes the payload bytes that appear after the transport header from pcap packet traces.
allman-highlight-wdiff.el 2.0 Apr 2015 el Highlight changes in wdiff output in GNU Emacs.

There are a few older scripts and tools here.
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