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Mark Allman, Shawn Ostermann. FTP Extensions for Variable Protocol Specification. Technical Report CR-209414, NASA Glenn Research Center, February 2000.


The specification for the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) assumes that the underlying network protocols use a 32-bit network address and a 16-bit transport address (specifically IP version 4 and TCP). With the deployment of version 6 of the Internet Protocol, network addresses will no longer be 32-bits. This paper specifies extensions to FTP that will allow the protocol to work over a variety of network and transport protocols.


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This is an extended version of RFC 2428 that contains material that was not standardized by the IETF. This report is \textit{not} consistent with [AOM98]. This report should be taken as a historic document published in the hope that the additional extensions specified in this report will be helpful to the standards process at some point in the future.
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