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Mark Allman, Vern Paxson. Issues and Etiquette Concerning Use of Shared Measurement Data. ACM SIGCOMM/USENIX Internet Measurement Conference, October 2007.
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In this note we discuss issues surrounding how to provide and use network measurement data made available for sharing among researchers. While previous work has focused on the technical details of enabling sharing via traffic anonymization, we focus on higher-level aspects of the process such as potential harm to the provider (e.g., by de-anonymizing a shared dataset) or interactions to strengthen subsequent research (e.g., helping to establish ground truth). We believe the community would benefit from a dialog regarding expectations and responsibilities of data providers, and the etiquette involved with using others' measurement data. To this end, we provide a set of guidelines that aim to aid the process of sharing measurement data. We present these not as specific rules, but rather a framework under which providers and users can better attain a mutual understanding about how to treat particular datasets.


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