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Ryan Craven, Robert Beverly, Mark Allman. Techniques for the Detection of Faulty Packet Header Modifications. Technical Report NPS-CS-14-002, Naval Postgraduate School, March 2014.
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Understanding, measuring, and debugging IP networks, particularly across administrative domains, is challenging. Compounding the problem are transparent in-path appliances and middleboxes that can be difficult to manage and sometimes left out-of-date or misconfigured. As a result, packet headers can be modified in unexpected ways, negatively impacting end-to-end performance. We discuss the impact of such packet header modifications, present an array of techniques for their detection, and define strategies to add tamper-evident protection to our detection techniques. We select a solution for implementation into the Linux TCP stack and use it to examine real-world Internet paths. We discover various instances of in-path modifications and extract lessons learned from them to help drive future design efforts.


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An later version of this technical report appears in SIGCOMM 2014 and is available here.
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