Mark Allman / ICSI @mallman_icsi

Michael Rabinovich, Mark Allman, Stephen Brennan, Brian Pollack, Junbo Xu. Rethinking Home Networks in the Ultrabroadband Era. Invited paper for IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, July 2019.


The advent of ultrabroadband Internet connectivity brings a 2-3 orders of magnitude jump in the capacity of access networks (a.k.a. the "last mile"). Beyond mere capacity increase, this leap represents a qualitative shift in the overall Internet environment, Therefore, we argue that only by seizing the opportunity to re-think the way we structure network applications and services can we realize the full potential ultrabroadband provides.

Specifically, with ultrabroadband residential networks, we have the opportunity to re-center our digital lives around our residence, similar to how our physical lives generally center around our homes. To this end, we introduce a new appliance in home networks—--a "home point of presence"--—that provides a variety of services to the users in the house regardless of where they are physically located and connected to the network. We illustrate the utility of this appliance by discussing a range of new services that both bring new functionality to the users and improve performance of existing applications.


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