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Kyle Schomp, Mark Allman, Michael Rabinovich. DNS Resolvers Considered Harmful, ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Hot Topics in Networks (HotNets), October 2014.
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The Domain Name System (DNS) is a critical component of the Internet infrastructure that has many security vulnerabilities. In particular, shared DNS resolvers are a notorious security weak spot in the system. We propose an unorthodox approach for tackling vulnerabilities in shared DNS resolvers: removing shared DNS resolvers entirely and leaving recursive resolution to the clients. We show that the two primary costs of this approach---loss of performance and an increase in system load---are modest and therefore conclude that this approach is beneficial for strengthening the DNS by reducing the attack surface.


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Scribe notes from HotNets talk are here.

Devon Warshaw and Jake McKinnon reappraised our study as part of Stanford's CS 244 course. Their report is available here.
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