Mark Allman / ICSI @mallman_icsi

Mark Allman. Measuring End-to-End Bulk Transfer Capacity. ACM SIGCOMM Internet Measurement Workshop. November 2001.
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This paper provides a preliminary assessment of the effectiveness of an application layer tool that measures the Bulk Transfer Capacity (BTC) of a network path. BTC is roughly defined as the throughput that a flow using standard congestion control techniques would obtain across a given network path at a given time. We utilize the NIMI mesh of measurement hosts to compare stock BSD TCP with a new BTC measurement tool, cap. While BTC tools have been around for some time, no systematic evaluation of their accuracy with respect to standard TCP congestion control across a wide variety of network paths has been conducted. The goal of this paper is to provide such an empirical evaluation of a BTC tool and therefore assess the reliability of the measurements obtained using BTC tools.


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