Mark Allman / ICSI @mallman_icsi

Owen Bell, Mark Allman, Benjamin Kuperman. On Browser-Level Event Logging. Technical Report 12-001, International Computer Science Institute, January 2012.


In this paper we offer an initial sketch of a new vantage point we are developing to study ``the web'' and users' interactions with it: we have instrumented the web browser itself. The Google Chrome browser provides an API to developers that allows the building of extensions to the base functionality. As part of this system, Chrome allows developers to add listeners to various browser events. Our extension adds listeners that log these events. We discuss the data we obtain from Chrome, our method for addressing privacy issues in the collected data, and initial findings from observing a small set of real users' web browsing activities. The findings are modest in absolute terms, but serve to show the efficacy of our monitoring approach.


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