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Matthew Sargent, Brian Stack, Tom Dooner, Mark Allman. A First Look at 1 Gbps Fiber-To-The-Home Traffic}. Technical Report 12-009, International Computer Science Institute, August 2012.
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Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) networks are on the cusp of bringing significantly higher capacities to residential users compared to today's commercial broadband options. While fiber is available to some consumers now, the capacities offered represent an incremental bump over more traditional DSL and cable options. However, a number of high capacity experimental FTTH networks have recently become operational. One of these is the Case Connection Zone (CCZ) which connects a neighborhood adjacent to Case Western Reserve University with bi-directional 1 Gbps paths to each house. In this paper we present myriad observations from monitoring CCZ traffic for the past 14 months. We aim to better understand how users employ these high capacity links, how much of the capacity they utilize and conduct an initial exploration of why performance is limited to less than the raw capacity of the fiber.


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