Vern Paxson, Selected Talks

Enterprises, William Gibson & The Art of Internet Measurement (PDF). Keynote, ACM Internet Measurement Conference, October 2023.

Rethinking Enterprise Network Security Monitoring by Leveraging Local Processing (PPTX). Keynote, Internet Security Conference, September 2018.

Reflecting on Twenty Years of Bro (PDF). Keynote, BroCon, August 2015.

The Landscape of Internet Threats: Some Perspectives and Paradigms (PDF). Keynote, Brazilian Symposium on Computer Networks and Distributed Systems, May 2015.

Reflections on Measurement Research: Crooked Lines, Straight Lines, and Moneyshots (PDF). SIGCOMM Award keynote talk, ACM SIGCOMM, August 2011.

How The Pursuit of Truth Led Me To Selling Viagra (PDF). Invited talk, 18th USENIX Security Symposium, August 2009.

Considerations and Pitfalls for Conducting Intrusion Detection Research (PowerPoint, PDF). Keynote, Fourth GI International Conference on Detection of Intrusions & Malware, and Vulnerability Assessment (DIMVA), July 2007.

Addressing the Threat of Internet Worms (PowerPoint, PDF). UCLA Jon Postel Distinguished Lecturer Series, February 2005.

Strategies for Sound Internet Measurement (PDF). ACM Internet Measurement Conference, October 2004.

Analyzing Network Traffic in the Presence of Adversaries (PowerPoint). Seminar, U.C. Berkeley, October 2004.

Measuring Adversaries (PowerPoint). Keynote, ACM SIGMETRICS, June 2004.

Experiences with Internet Traffic Measurement and Analysis (PowerPoint). Lecture, NTT Research, March 2004.

Detecting Network Intruders in Real Time (PDF). Seminar, U.C. Berkeley, April 2003.

How to 0wn the Internet in Your Spare Time (PDF). Stuart Staniford, Vern Paxson and Nicholas Weaver. Seminar, U.C. Berkeley, April 2002.

Topics in Network Intrusion Detection (compressed Postscript). Tutorial, 8th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS-8), November, 2001.

Experiences with Detecting Network Intruders Using Bro (compressed Postscript). Seminar, U.C. Santa Cruz, November 2001.

Some Not-So-Pretty Admissions About Dealing With Internet Measurements (compressed Postscript). Revised version of invited talk, Workshop on Network-Related Data Management (NRDM 2001), May, 2001.

Thoughts on Modeling From a Measurement Perspective (compressed Postscript). INFOCOM '01 Panel on Modeling of the Shrew: the Quest for a "Model" Network Model, April, 2001.

Why Understanding Anything About The Internet Is Painfully Hard (compressed Postscript). UCB Berkeley MIG Seminar, April, 1999.

An Introduction to Internet Measurement and Modeling (compressed Postscript). SIGCOMM '98 Tutorial, August 31, 1998. Bibliography.

Building Large-Scale Internet Measurement Infrastructure (compressed Postscript). NANOG, June, 1998.

End-to-End TCP Packet Dynamics (compressed Postscript). NANOG, February, 1997.

End-to-End Routing Behavior in the Internet (viewgraphs) (compressed Postscript). NANOG, San Diego, February, 1996.

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